A ship that’s been sitting on a beach in Wales for more than 30 years has yielded some pretty unexpected treasures: arcade games.

As reported by Arcade Blogger, the Duke of Lancaster is a ship with a storied history. It was a luxury liner in the 1950s and a car ferry in the 1970s, and it nearly became a floating bar/hotel/hangout in the 1980s. Instead, however, it sat beached in Wales after the money dried up, and there it has stayed, slowly deteriorating like a shipwreck without the “wreck” part.

However, hidden inside the boat are the remains of what it might have been, including more than 50 classic arcade cabinets, none of them made earlier than 1981. Many of the cabinets are rare and most are actually in pretty great condition, sitting undisturbed since roughly 1979. Arcade collector Oliver Moazzezi discovered a lead on the booty and spent some eight months contacting the owners of the Duke and trying to liberate the cabinets within the ship. Finally, after a ton of effort and negotiation, he and a group of friends got permission to rescue the games—more than 50 of them. Moazzezi shot the video above.

It was a harrowing adventure, in fact, as a newly sprung leak threatened to destroy some of the cabinets and getting them out of the ship turned out to be a whole ordeal. The entire account is pretty fascinating, so give it a read. And here’s a list of all the games pulled from the ship.

Via Kotaku