The internet is a great way to share something funny that normally only you and a few other people might see. A small prank or joke can be shared by millions in a matter of minutes. This, however, feels pretty gross. A woman named Kelly Keegs was on a flight when the couple next to her starting arguing and broke up in dramatic fashion. Being dumped is bad enough, but being dumped in a public setting where you’re going to have to sit next to the dumper for the next three hours sounds like absolute misery. Now let’s take that even further by finding out that, on top of all that, the creep next to you decided to take pictures of you crying and post it online along with every word that comes out of your mouth. At no point do you stop and say, “Wow this is gross. Why on earth am I doing this?” Apparently not. Here’s how the entire debacle went down:

Yes, that’s exactly how One Direction feels. You know, after they get attention for live tweeting a couple breaking up.