After a promising young surgeon loses his wife in a tragic accident, he slips into a serious depression. It affects his personal life and is creeping into his work. Losing the woman he loved is destroying everything.

That’s the premise of Healing Process: Tokyo, a game currently working through a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. As Charles, players have to figure out a way to go forward and deal with his loss—because otherwise, his life might be over. With an important surgery looming, there’s only 24 hours for Charles to sort his feelings or risk ruining everything he has left.

Healing Process: Tokyo is being made by five people working in Tokyo, and it’s notable not only for its narrative focus, but also its genre: it’s an open-world role-playing game, which means you’ll be able to freely wander around different areas of Tokyo, talking with other characters and trying to learn Charles’ backstory.

It’s rare to see a game focus on adult themes like loss and grief without also including things like shooting aliens. Healing Process: Tokyo seems to have a good handle on telling a deeper and more relatable story than most games. Look for it on PC when it’s released, and try it for yourself with a demo on the Kickstarter page.