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Exit Clear

A Ground-Level View of the Women’s March in L.A.

Yesterday a gathering estimated by the Los Angeles Times at “several hundred thousand” filled the streets of downtown L.A., one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration and in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington. Among the protesters was photographer Kevin Shea Adams, who got in close and captured the event’s color, ebullience and celebratory mood. Check out a handful images from the historic day below.

1 ksa-womens-march

2 ksa-womens-march

3 ksa-womens-march

4 ksa-womens-march

5 ksa-womens-march

6 ksa-womens-march

7 ksa-womens-march

8 ksa-womens-march

9 ksa-womens-march

10 ksa-womens-march

11 ksa-womens-march

12 ksa-womens-march

13 ksa-womens-march

14 ksa-womens-march

15 ksa-womens-march

16 ksa-womens-march

17 ksa-womens-march

18 ksa-womens-march

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