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A-hole Throws Firecracker to Hungry Monkey

A-hole Throws Firecracker to Hungry Monkey:

In this very sickening video, a hungry monkey was tricked into almost eating a firecracker, which instead blew its finger off.

The video, which was filmed at an animal park in Malaysia, shows a macaque monkey eating food and eagerly waiting for more from a crowd of onlookers. However, someone standing in the crowd decided to play a cruel joke and threw a firecracker toward the monkey instead of food.

The monkey, who was obviously eager for more food, trusted the person and picked it up. However, a few seconds later it exploded in its hands.

Luckily, the monkey was given emergency veterinary treatment. The monkey was badly injured and lost a finger on its left hand. Photos after the incident show it holding its wounded hand, traumatized.


Elisa Allen, Associate Director for PETA UK said:

It is detestable that anyone would derive enjoyment from tormenting an animal who asked only for a morsel of food.

We absolutely agree with Allen, and whoever did this is a complete a-hole.

Warning: This video could be distressing to some.

Unfortunately the attackers have not been identified, but let’s hope they’re caught soon.

Via Unilad

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