The rapper they call Bronsoliño is a 300-pound gorilla of crass Queens mythology rolled up in old-school hip-hop swagger and spiked with references to 1990s sports and gourmet food. He’s either the Scorsese-meets-Ghostface future of rap or a doped-out former chef with punch lines designed for maximum internet impact. Judging by the title of his latest, Mr. Wonderful, he doesn’t care what you think either way. But if a Grand Theft Auto–Top Chef mashup sounds like a good concept for a rap album, that’s the appeal.

What’s Mr. Wonderful about?
Me, you know? It’s a piece of beautiful art, a musical, but not one of those uppity ones. This is Cats at the Garden Theater, off-Broadway Larry David–type shit.

How do you keep your beard so luscious?
I eat a lot of pussy. It’s all that pussy juice dripping into my beard. And cocoa butter and chopped-up pieces of bacon. It’s nasty, but it’s kind of delicious. No, I’m joking. My beard is all natural. I swear I don’t do anything to it. I was just blessed with amazing facial hair. I’m part lion.

You’re a huge pothead and a chef. Run down an edible recipe we could make for our girlfriend.
I would make weed-infused caramel brittle with candied nuts. And then you get some cream, steep the weed in there, make ice cream, freeze it, then infuse it with the caramel sauce as well, turn that into brittle, chip the brittle, stick it in the ice cream, serve, and you’re definitely getting your asshole licked. But everything is sweet with weed. I’m sick of it. Weed goes better with pasta or cauliflower.

For as much as you get done in a day, you don’t drink coffee. What keeps your energy up?
I’m high on life, just natural energy. I eat a lot of almonds. It’s all about that almond life — eating raw almonds at all times.