Some time ago, Aaron Bleyaert lost a lot of weight—80 pounds, in fact. You might’ve already read his account actually. More commonly known as simply “Bley”—Conan O'Brien’s notable "web guy”—the gamer and comedian posted about it on his Tumblr last year and it went viral. See, unlike more predictable weight-loss programs, Bleyaert’s secret tip to getting in better shape was to be totally, awfully, crushingly heartbroken.

“How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps” is a spectacular read, for its sharp comedic delivery and sharper truth about what impossibly manic headspace a man finds himself in after being dumped. Any dude who didn’t marry his high school sweetheart has likely endured an experience similar to Bleyaert in his twenties or thirties. It’s the pivotal moment that follows an adult breakup, where the guy who lost the gal has so many chaotic emotions bouncing around him that he starts to feel like he has a superpower, except the special ability is to consider anger, regret, and sadness akin to a physical manifestation that’s cutting off all blood and air. You end up throwing it as hard as you can into gym time as the most furious and immediate outlet.

Now, Buh, a subsidiary of online comedy network JASH, has adapted Bleyaert’s wonderful and brutally honest essay into a short film of sorts—it’s less than eight minutes long—starring Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett and directed by Ben Berman (Workaholics, Man Seeking Woman, Comedy Bang! Bang!). Ready yourself to laugh uneasily at the beautiful truth of how you become the best version of you after feeling useless, helpless, and hopeless, thanks to having your heart broken.