In the wake of the burning rubble and chaos that ensued over Twitter between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift about MTV VMA snubbery, the only good that came out of it was the ultimate Breaking Bad twitter reunion. If you need to know what all went down, check it out here.

In an attempt to settle the dispute between the two pop stars, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul did what any other good man would do: Offer them a pancake breakfast.

Nothing says friendship like a good breakfast. And even though this tweet is already amazing, it gets much, much better.

Because why wouldn’t co-stars Bryan Cranston, Betsy Brandt, Rj Mitte, Dean Norris and Anna Gunn not chime in? Thank God for the Internet.

Also, Kim K tried to chime in and be funny about the beef but she just failed.

Just let the professionals handle it, Kim.