Aaron Rodgers has a cannon for an arm, scary good field vision, a mastery of the Green Bay Packers’ offensive system, and a girlfriend (Olivia Munn) I would definitely not throw out of bed for eating crackers.

He’s also pretty much a lock to win his second MVP award this season. He’s led the Packers to a 12-4 record and first place in the NFC Northern Division by way of 38 touchdowns to just five interceptions (none of which occurred at Lambeau Field).

If all this wasn’t enough, he’s apparently a funny dude—the clown of the locker room whose humor tends to skew a little bit obscure.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Rodgers employees a layered and dry comic approach that often confuses teammates. They often don’t know whether he is joking or not.

“He does make jokes that fall on deaf ears, says fullback John Kuhn. “But that’s what happens when you make a lot of jokes.”

But Rodgers’ jokes also serve to keep his team calm and relaxed.

“His demeanor has an effect on us,” says offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga. “There’s never any panic in this locker room. Everything about him says, ‘Take a breather; we are going to be all right.’”

Here’s a collection of some of Rodgers’ material:

  • He often quotes “The Princess Bride” at random times. His favorite line: “Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.”

  • During pregame walk-throughs, Rodgers stares at players with an angry look until the player expresses concern, at which point Rodgers starts to laugh.

  • Last week during a team meeting, Rodgers queued up a picture of John F. Kennedy and asked rookie center Corey Linsley to identify him. Linsley did as he was told, and then Rodgers asked, “What’s his middle name?” “I don’t know,” Linsley said. “Frederick?” (It’s Fitzgerald.)

  • In between breakdowns of offensive plays during mid-week meetings, Rodgers awards a “Man of the Week” award in which he hits up Google Images for ridiculous photos of teammates.

  • Every Saturday, Rodgers gets 10 to 15 minutes to do “whatever he wants.” According to Bulaga, this means that Rodgers focuses on football and addressing the entire offense on what needs to be done in the forthcoming game—at least initially. He often does random, weird things with some of that time. For example, earlier this season, Rodgers randomly began to show “great commercials of the year.” He showed a few, and then showed a local commercial for cell phones featuring Bulaga and Packers coach Mike McCarthy. (I wonder if he showed any of his State Farm spots.)

  • Rodgers will occasionally throw for a big play, and then calmly ask an opponent how his collegiate alma mater is doing as he strolls past him down the field.