Do you like horror movies? Well, whether it’s the paranormal, serial killers, or just plain freaky, these stories from Reddit about people roaming into places they probably shouldn’t have been are guaranteed to boost your adrenaline. I’m currently sitting in my very un-abandoned apartment and I’m still wary of walking upstairs to my bathroom after reading these.

I love to explore the abandon Titan Nuclear Bases in Colorado. I have had a few really terrifying experiences down there. While at the end of a really long dark tunnel we saw a light at the other end. As to not scare anyone, we try to make our presence known when we see other explorers. We yelled down the tunnel and they yelled back telling us they were coming to us. When they got there, they all had guns. Three in total, one had a shotgun and the other two small pistols. They told us to drop all of our gear (including lights and phones) and to step away. Not wanting to die in an abandon silo, we complied. They took everything we had and slowly backed away, guns still drawn. I know the place pretty well because I go down there a lot but getting out in the pitch black was VERY nerve-racking and dangerous.

My old college campus had an odd building that was shaped like an authentic Scottish castle, down to towers, parapets, walls, etc. Mind you, only the outside was designed to look like a castle, with every room inside being just squeezed in wherever it could fit, so it was already famous for no two rooms being identical, as well as other architectural oddities such as staircases that led nowhere and needing to go up and down a floor to reach a room right next to you, so it was already something of a weird/creepy building. It was used mainly as a dorm, but a lot of it, especially the outer towers and walls, was closed off to the public. The first time I explored there, I had found a small door that was (mostly) rusted shut on the bottom of one of the rear towers. It was unused, but I could still open it enough to get through, so I came back that night to explore. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The whole room was filled with hundreds of broken mirror shards, chained together by string and hanging from the ceiling, as well as all over the floor and the windowsills. Also scattered on the floor were what at first looked like dozens of big coins, but on closer inspection turned out to be the metal rims of those cheap little tea candles, stomped flat by people walking on them. Finally, in the center of the room, there was a tiny little table, on top of which was a metal bowl filled with more mirror shards, surrounded by more empty candles. I have no idea what the f— that room had been used for, but I swear to god it looked like some ritual shit was going down there. 

Broke into an abandoned insane asylum years ago. The last room of our excursion was a file room. Thousands of patient files had been left inside. Needless to say we took some. We also took a page from a photo album. They were the only pictures we found in there. Later on we were at a diner pouring over the crazy stuff we found and my friend takes a look at the pictures only to find that her mom was in three out of the six. Apparently she had worked there a few decades prior.

Broke into an abandoned mansion in my hometown. Place has been empty for as long as I can remember. I went in broad daylight, the property and hedges are large enough that I wasn’t immediately visible from the road. Broke in through a back window. The majority of the house was dark, most of the windows and French doors had been boarded up. There was a lot of really ugly late 60s/early 70s furniture, everything was gold or brown or orange. Found some mail in a front room, all dated around August 1995, so I figured that’s when the former owners must’ve left. In another room I found a kid’s toys- but they didn’t look old, they looked like someone had just been playing with them recently. In the kitchen, I found some empty cans of beans that also looked relatively new, and in the pantry, there were urine soaked sofa cushions someone had been using as a bed. This is when I started to get freaked out, because obviously someone had been there somewhat recently, but they didn’t seem to be there. I went up to the second floor. The floor of the upstairs hallway was so warped that it was curved in a rainbow shape, and was hard to walk down. In the last bedroom at the end of the hall, I found a room full of birthday cards. I mean, hundreds of birthday cards. They all, in some way or another, were wishing someone named Eric a happy birthday, only that they were all written by the same hand. Most seemed to have been written with the same pen, even. Finally, I went up to the third floor. The hallway was so warped I had to brace myself against the wall. I had barely started when I heard movement from a bedroom a little ways down- it sounded like slapping and dragging. I stood as quietly as possible until a pair of filthy hands came out of the doorway and a man began to pull himself across the threshold into the hall. He wasn’t groaning- I can’t think of a word, but it was far more aggressive than groaning. I bolted, ran all the way down the stairs and back out the window I came in. I looked back but didn’t see anyone following me.

I went into the old hospital in my city, which has since been demolished now. We went down some stairs, like service stairs which were metal and obviously the public didn’t use when it was open. As we descended we came across a dark room, we used our torches and looked around we noticed a small bedding area, and above that on the wall there was spray paint which said “WE ARE THE THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT” and we heard this almighty crash, I’ve never left out of somewhere so quickly.

Summer of 1992 we were exploring the old abandoned airport hangars at Republic Airport on Long Island (the hangars are no longer there). One night we were exploring and at some point a pickup truck drives right near us, which freaked us out, as it was desolate, so we take off. We return a few days later and everything is roped off, and we see signs for a toxic waste dump site, or something along those lines. That’s not the freaky part. Here’s the freaky part… Right around the same time, Joel Rifkin, the serial killer gets caught. He was caught with dead bodies in his vehicle. His vehicle was a pickup truck. He had been dumping bodies at the abandoned airport hangar! We probably came within a few feet of the dead bodies, as as we had explored most of the hangar. Still freaks me out thinking it was probably his pickup truck we had seen that night…with dead bodies in tow.