Okay, it’s not really that urgent that you watch the following trailer. In fact, if you’re a bit squeamish, or you’ve just eaten, or gore porn just isn’t really your thing, hell, you probably shouldn’t watch it at all. It’s kind of gross.

But, if it is absolutely your thing, and the letters NSFW are like chum in your waters, don’t make the mistake I made of watching the “exclusive” trailer being hosted by iTunes at the moment. Yeah, it’s exclusive, alright; it excludes all the funny, nasty bits – which is presumably why anyone is clicking on something labeled The ABCs of Death 2.

2 is, obviously, the sequel to the 2012 anthology and festival fave that amassed twenty-six different directors and gave them license to splatter blood in all directions. Judging from the clip below — a newly released Red Band trailer that holds back nothing but, yunno, plot — expect more of the same in all it’s gory glory.