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Abigail Ratchford’s Shirt Covers So Little, She Might as Well Have Not Worn a Shirt

Isn’t Abigail Ratchford just the best? I mean, seriously people, look at her! Is she not just absolutely perfect? I follow a slew of Instagram models (because it’s my job, obviously that’s why) and it’s tough to say I have a favorite… but it’s also tough to compare anyone to Abigail. In fact, I think she’s what got me into this whole gig in the first place. Years and years ago, before I was writing for Playboy and before she had millions of followers, she’s the one that got my attention and made me realize what Instagram is really most useful for… staring at hot women. And it doesn’t get much hotter than Abigail Ratchford.

In her latest post, she’s wearing a shirt that is faaaaaaar too small for her and barely covers up her impressive chest, but that’s quite alright and I think we’ll learn to accept her fashion choices.

Abigail has been on an absolute tear on Instagram lately (not like she isn’t always).!

I’m not bad, i’m just drawn that way💥 @benjoarwas 📸 @makeupbecca @bpalestino 💋

A photo posted by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on

Sometimes captions aren’t necessary ; ) 🍑 @orinary 📸

A photo posted by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on

I got the keys ; ) 🔐 @orinary 📸

A photo posted by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on

Schwinggggg ; ) ⚾️ pic by @bryandewittphoto 📸 Glam by @makeupbecca X @bpalestino 😋👸🏻

A photo posted by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on

Poppin 🍒’s ; ) 💋 @bryandewittphoto X @makeupbecca X @bpalestino 👸🏻

A photo posted by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on

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