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Absolut is Pushing Vodka Crafted to Taste Like Bourbon



Vodka has had to endure its share of indignities. Because of its characteristic as an essentially colorless and flavorless spirit, it’s been infused with everything from marshmallows to bacon to Cinnabon.

Not to be outdone, vodka-maker Absolut announced its latest product: “OAK by Absolut.” It’s a barrel-crafted, oak-aged vodka. Of course, vodka is not typically aged. Bourbon is aged for two years or more; OAK is aged for six months in a process that lends it bourbon’s flavor.

So if it looks like bourbon and tastes like bourbon, what’s the difference? A lot, as you may have guessed. According to Market Watch’s Charles Passy, who has tasted OAK, the spirit lacks the weight and fire of authentic whiskey. But, Passy said, this may also be its greatest asset: non-whiskey drinkers (because, surely, actual whiskey will not be pleased) can enjoy the flavor of whiskey at a lower proof.

Passy also reports that OAK mixes well in cocktails because it’s “a little bit smoother” and “a little bit easier” than bourbon. He recommends the OAK and coke, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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