What do game publishers do when the new generation of consoles is lackluster, with thin libraries and not a lot of technical pizzazz? Why, resell players slightly updated versions of old games, of course!

It’s a strategy that’s been pretty successful for games like Resident Evil and The Last of Us, so Activision is kicking around the idea with its old Call of Duty titles. Keep in mind that there has been a new Call of Duty game every year since 2003, but yeah, we definitely need to re-buy the old ones.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg of course thinks remasters are a great idea. He told Game Informer that the one thing that might hold the publisher back is the “opportunity cost” of pulling development resources from a new Call of Duty game to remaster old ones, but something tells me they can find a way around that.

Hirshberg didn’t announce anything, but if we don’t start seeing remastered Call of Duty titles like a new version of Call of Duty 2 (trailer above) within the next 12 months, I’ll be shocked. It’s easy to poke fun here, but remember—if gamers want to continually purchase the same games over and over again, then it’s not really Activision’s fault for supplying their demand, is it?