Yesterday, Variety reported that “Go On alum” Tyler James Williams has joined the cast of AMC’s smash The Walking Dead for season five. While the aforementioned credit is technically accurate and Williams provided some hilarious moments as part of the Go On ensemble — before it was cancelled after one season — it is worth punctuating that Williams was also the star of the popular television series Everybody Hates Chris, loosely based on Chris Rock’s adolescence, which ran on UPN, then CW, for four years.

But since we’re highlighting Williams’ lesser-known accomplishments, let us never forget this:

Honestly, we keed because we love. Williams, who also stars under a massive afro in the upcoming feature Dear White People, will play a character that doesn’t originate from the Dead comic book source material. But, as the actor brings a sheepish charm to every role, I look forward to his participation whatever the part — dead or undead.