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Adam Scott Tells the Naked Truth About His Comedy ‘The Overnight’

Adam Scott Tells the Naked Truth About His Comedy ‘The Overnight’: © Carl Pocket/Press Line Photos/Corbis

© Carl Pocket/Press Line Photos/Corbis

Were you gung-ho about everything you had to do in The Overnight, in which you and Taylor Schilling play an uptight married pair whose dinner date at the home of a couple they’ve just met goes in some offbeat sexual directions? I got uncomfortable even reading the script. It scared the shit out of me.

At one point you sport a tiny prosthetic penis and Jason Schwartzman sports a whopper. As star and producer, couldn’t you have pulled rank and played the better-hung dude? I chose the microscopic one. There was something I liked about playing a guy who has folded dysfunction into his life.

Have you been sexually propositioned in real life as you are in the movie?
Every once in a while—especially when everybody’s drinking—people will get ballsy and make bold propositions. I don’t know what to do with that information. I just have to get out of there

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