The relationship between Kanye West and Adidas has certainly been a fruitful one, with highly anticipated sneaker collaborations selling out instantly and earning awards and (perhaps) adorning the feet of President Obama. But while the Yeezy Boost 750 is the first sneaker that Kanye officially released with the Three Stripes, it was almost a more classic model.

Adidas creative consultant Gary Aspden recently revealed that Kanye was in conversations with Adidas back in 2006, even before he had worked with Nike. After some back and forth, the two parties mocked up a version of the Rod Laver Vintage silhouette, which was Kanye’s favorite shoe at the time. The sneaker featured the bear from Kanye’s early album covers on the tongue and a white and brown colorway. The project ultimately didn’t end up seeing the light of day, but former Adidas Originals global director Ben Pruess took to Instagram to share images of the samples.

The shoe is certainly a more traditional take on a sneaker collaboration with the sneaker itself remaining unchanged but featuring the addition of some design and color details. But the Rod Laver Vintage is one of the most underrated sneakers and certainly benefits from Kanye’s design sensibility. Perhaps we’ll see these get the retro treatment someday.

h/t Complex

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