The best way to sum up the upcoming virtual reality game ADR1FT is that it’s like the movie Gravity, but you play it. It’s beautiful and quiet and daunting, but it’s also a game about a space disaster in which you might wind up suffocating to death.

There’s a lot more to ADR1FT than its surface-level presentation of astronautly disasters, though. The game’s also a personal story related to the real life experience of Adam Orth. Formerly at Microsoft, he incurred the wrath of the internet after posting a somewhat callous tweet regarding some valid concerns people had the not-yet-released Xbox One. After a huge backlash, Orth found himself without a job, metaphorically cut loose, alone and floating, not unlike the astronaut protagonist of his game.

It’s tough to say how well that metaphor will translate before the game is released in March. At the very least, previews for ADR1FT on the Oculus Rift headset, as well as on traditional screens (you don’t have to play it in VR, but that’s definitely how it was intended) show that, even if you’re floating away into oblivion, at least the view is nice.