Earlier today, Charlie Sheen announced on the Today Show that he is HIV-positive. You can read our full article about the appearance here, but the basics are that Sheen’s known the diagnosis for about four years and decided to come clean because people were blackmailing him to keep it a secret.

During the interview, Sheen said he informed all his sexual partners about his diagnosis prior to the act. He said he’s had unprotected sex two times since finding out. When asked if he thought he could’ve transmitted the disease, he said, “Impossible. They were under the care of my doctor and they were completely warned ahead of time.”

Well, Charlie may not be telling the whole truth. On the same morning Charlie made his revelation on the Today Show, former adult film star and one of his ex-girlfriends Bree Olson stopped by The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM. Obviously, they spoke in-depth about her time dating Sheen, and she cast doubt on several aspects of his Today Show interview.

First of all, Olson says Sheen never told her he was HIV positive.

Olson also said that Sheen sometimes did not use protection while they had sex, and preferred to use lambskin condoms, which are less effective at preventing STDs than latex condoms.

Olson was famously one of the “Goddesses” living with Sheen during his firing from Two and a Half Men in 2011. She gave up her career in the adult film industry to live with him. The two have since broken up.

Sheen has not addressed Olson’s comments yet. A report from TMZ this morning says a lawyer has told the tabloid site that six women are planning to sue Sheen for not informing them about his condition. Another source told the site that Sheen’s had over 200 sexual partners in the past two years. Neither of these details have been confirmed by any other media outlet at this time.

(h/t People)