I imagine one of the hardest parts about being an adult film star is telling people what you do (yes, I’m aware there’s an incredible pun to be made here, but I am a mature, respected journalist and I will not stand for that sort of tomfoolery). The most difficult people of all to tell, I would assume, is your family. How do you bring that up in converstaion?

“Hey mom, this lasagna is fantastic and oh by the way I have intercourse on camera for money can you pass the salt?”

The nice folks over at the YouTube channel Wood Rocket decided to ask that very tough question: “Does your family know that you do porn?” A lot of the individuals had already told their families, and many of them had some interested tales of how their loved ones found out. This video is chalk-full of cringe-worthy moments that makes me glad I’ll never have to have that talk with my mom (because my dad would probably be proud).

There are probably more awkward ways…probably.

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