© 2/Image Source/Ocean/Corbis

© 2/Image Source/Ocean/Corbis

A new travel website is offering tourists a chance to see Europe as it was always meant to be seen: through the eyes of an adult-film star.

Trip4real, in conjunction with adult-film producer Erika Lust, is offering guided tours of various European cities. But instead of your average guides, “Lust Club” tours are led by actors and actresses in the adult-film industry.

Europeans: They’re so sophisticated!

Lust, who produces “indie erotica with a feminist edge,” says she came up with the idea as a way to destigmatize those who work as adult performers.

“I spent quite some time wondering how I could help demystify the prejudice and make possible a friendly approach to [adult-film stars],” Lust wrote on her website. “If maybe people could join them in fun activities? Eating, cycling, going for lunch? And then I realized: performers could be awesome city guides!”

According to The Daily Dot, the tours “range from a Berlin bike tour led by porn actresses Poppy Cox and Paulita Pappel, to a Barcelona vermouth tasting with Bel Gris, to a private guitar performance by London’s Luke Hotrod.” However, those who are hoping for an Eiffel Tower while on a tour of the Eiffel Tower are going to be disappointed.

“These experiences DO NOT involve any kind of sexual interaction,” reads a description of the tours. “They are just cultural, gastronomic or funny activities.”

Trip4real, the company behind the tours, acts as sort of an Uber for tour guides, allowing anyone (including those who are not in the adult-film industry) to give out-of-towners a glimpse of local culture. Tours are currently available in nine European cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, and Barcelona. The company also has plans to expand to Athens and Istanbul, although something tells me the “Lust Club” won’t be offering tours in Turkey anytime soon.

(Source: The Daily Dot)

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