This weekend saw the launch of a fairly creepy teaser website for a new game from publisher 2K Games (they of titles such as Bioshock Infinite and Evolve), hinting at a sort of Running Man meets Hackers cum 1984 plus a dash of Logan’s Run world. There are absolutely no details about the game itself so far, but naturally that won’t stop the hype train.

The teaser site over at suggests the game will be set in a near-future world that’s home to ADVENT, a company creating guarded utopian “city centers” in which social maladies such as crime and disease have been eradicated. Cities are policed 24 hours a day, and Corporate-sponsored gene therapy fixes all kinds of ailments and increases people’s lifespans. And it all appears to be free.

Of course, it’s all too good to be true and surely you’ll be the one to pull back the wool from the populace’s eyes, probably by firing a rocket launcher at a big robot. Even as you read it, undergoes a fun bit of “hacking” as unknown Anonymous-like cyber truth-tellers replace the text on the website to let you know that ADVENT is looking to enslave everyone; the folks who go into these ADVENT cities don’t come out again; “millions” of people are missing; etc.

Who wants to bet that the ADVENT people are aliens? My money is they’re aliens.

In fact, there’s some speculation going on over at Reddit that ADVENT is not a teaser for a new game franchise entirely, but actually for the next XCOM game. The XCOM series concerns an alien invasion being repelled by a multi-nation military organization, and 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown revitalized the series. The teaser site for ADVENT uses similar fonts to some seen in XCOM: EU materials, and elements like gene therapy factored in XCOM: EU’s major game expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within.

There’s more: some especially detail-oriented gamers on NeoGAF found that movie posters used in some of the Advent promo photos seem to be assets lifted from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

I hope this is the case, since Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within are both phenomenal strategy titles. And frankly, 1984 with aliens doesn’t sound half bad, especially if those aliens are masquerading as humans somehow. Here’s to putting on our Roddy Piper-in-They Live sunglasses, chewing some bubblegum and kicking some ass in whatever Advent turns out to be.