For more than five years, Adventure Time fans have wondered just where Finn the Human came from. Next month, they’ll finally get an answer with the debut of the eight-episode miniseries Adventure Time: Islands.

The series, which runs across four nights on Cartoon Network starting January 30 and ending February 2, won’t just give more details about Finn’s past; As Finn, Jake, BMO and Susan Strong take to the high seas and leave the Land of Ooo behind—not for good, we hope—they’ll also uncover the truth behind another of the show’s long-standing mysteries: Whatever happened to the other humans?

The new series follows on the footsteps of last year’s Adventure Time: Stakes miniseries, which centered around Marceline the Vampire Queen and her desire to become mortal once more. (Spoilers: she got her wish, but it didn’t work out too well.)

Wondering what to expect during Islands? The opening credits offer an all-too-brief glimpse (as well as a great theme song)—and for those who really can’t wait for the show’s Cartoon Network debut, Adventure Time: Islands will be released early via iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and DVD on January 24 with bonus material. Starting the day before that, you can also catch new episodes of the regular series—including this tidbit, in which one of Finn’s arms goes missing.