The afro’s a bit bigger and the beard’s a lot more grey, but it’s definitely him: Afroman, the sort-of rapper whose novelty smash “Because I Got High” (2000) granted him slightly more than 15 minutes of fame during the early oughts. The stoner anthem achieved pop culture saturation when it appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (natch) a year later but did not lead to a high profile music career for the artist.

But now, thanks to surging national fervor over marijuana legalization, Afroman is getting another moment in the sun. He’s teamed up with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and Weedmaps to update and release a version of “Because I Got High” that better reflects the positive effects of mary jane use. So, whereas the original track was a tongue-in-cheek lament over how getting blazed can easily ruin one’s day and/or life, this remix positions the ganja as your best defense against glaucoma and a healthy substitute for alcohol and prescription drugs. (Sure. That Afroman professes to work out more after a toke feels particularly suspect. But, whatever.)

(via Billboard)