Ah, words. Those quaint arrangements of letters we used to use for communication. Today if you need to say something, it’s much easier to do it with emojis, which if you think about it, aren’t that different from the cave paintings our ancestors relied on. Want to say something is “lit”? Use a fire emoji. Want to say something sucks? The poop emoji is there for you. But when it comes to sneakers, the options are severely limited—which is why the Jordan Brand is releasing its own set of emoji.

Right now the only men’s footwear emoji available on standard devices is a janky white orthopedic-looking shoe and a fugly brown lace-up, so Air Jordan kicks will be a welcome addition. While the pictograms will evolve, right now the Jordan emoji are centered around the Air Jordan 1, with the “Bred,” “Black toe,” and “Shattered backboard” versions of Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe.

In total there will be 24 emoji, which seems like an odd number because it’s just one more than Jordan’s jersey number. Besides the sneakers, there will also be hand emojis that are adorned with Jordan’s six championship rings and goats with the number “23” on them as an acknowledgment of Jordan’s status as the Greatest Of All Time.

And because it’s basically illegal to create anything to be used on social media these days without involving DJ Khaled, there is also an emoji of “Major key” innovator with a pair of AJ1s around his neck.

The emojis will be available for free for both Apple and Android phone users, and new updates will be added for major events like NBA All-Star Weekend and the playoffs. In keeping with sneaker releases, there will also be “quickstrike” emojis that are only available to people who log into the app on certain days.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada and Instagram at @justin_tejada.