With listings in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries, there’s an infinite amount of cool ass Airbnb rentals around the world. But what properties are the “most wished” for? Users on Airbnb have the ability to add dream-worthy properties to curated “wish lists,” and Airbnb did some research this week and released which 10 rental properties were the most wished for by hopeful renters.

It’s not all mansions and ridiculous beach houses, though. Well actually, there’s not a single damn mansion or beach house on here! According to Airbnb, some of the top 10 most wish listed property types include everything from a tree house to an igloo to uh, a van. And colder locations (a bit predictable) were less in favor for warmer places like Belize City and the Turks and Caicos.

I don’t know about the whole creepy van thing (even if it’s in a warm place) but these 10 “most wished for” properties really are pretty sweet.

Starts at $380 per night, airbnb.com
A truly off-the-grid house in the California high desert is high on Airbnb users wish lists for good reason. If the Los Angeles Times has named it as “one of the best houses of all time in Southern California,” just go with it.

Starts at $41 per night, airbnb.com
Visiting Rome isn’t always the cheapest vacation, so this incredibly affordable mini-loft in the center of the city has made this property a favorite. Got to spend more money on Italian wine, ya know?

Starts at $76 per night, airbnb.com
Another expensive destination, visiting exotic Bali usually comes with a pretty hefty resort fee. But this Airbnb, nicknamed “Mushroom Villa,” comes with its own pool and a sick view of the ocean from the bedroom for only $76 a night.

Starts at $95 per night, airbnb.com
Another California property made the list, and it’s easily because of its Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It often doubles as both a rental and a set for music videos, which makes sense considering it boasts everything from waterfalls to a giant teepee on site.

Starts at $110 per night, airbnb.com
Hey, west coast best coast for a reason. Renters seem to love this mushroom-shaped dome hidden deep in the Aptos woods with nearly 10-acres of property. The setup inside the dome is a loft, proving people really are into minimalist architecture lately.

Starts at $157 per night, airbnb.com
A tree house in Italy? Yes. I don’t need much convincing about this property. It also helps that the region is known for its wine, and the house even comes with an old wine cellar from hundreds of years ago.

Starts at $100 per night, airbnb.com
The Cob Cottage is made out of natural materials and is a true rural retreat on Mayne Island. Previous guests apparently love that they get the farm-life feel, but are still only a 20-minute walk from the beach.

Starts at $280 per night, airbnb.com
I’m not going to get mad over more tree houses in Italy being on this list. Casa Barthel is located on a family compound, complete with tennis court and kitchen garden. Its location to both Florence and Siena make it also great for day trips.

Starts at $249 per night, airbnb.com
I’ve actually already written about how crazy cool this property was before, so I wasn’t surprised to find it on this list again. Casa Caracol looks like it came straight out of a movie. Every single thing is crafted out of shells, even including showerheads.

Starts at $350 per night, airbnb.com
And the number one “most wished for” property is…an unbelievable tree house in the woods of Georgia. There are actually three separate tree houses that connect the bedroom to the other spaces, which makes it even cooler.

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