We’ve already shown you pet owners shaming their dogs and cats for bad behavior, but humans can be dicks too. And one of the places where people are at their worst is an airplane. Luckily anonymous flight attendants at the Passenger Shaming Instagram are sharing pictures of their worst passengers for the world to enjoy. We’ve collected some of the most outrageous examples to discourage future airplane douches.

1. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Layover?

2. To answer your question: Yes, they are used

3. I can understand complaints about legroom, but not hair-room

4. When TSA asked her to take off her shoes, she never put them back on

5. They must not smell if no one’s made him put them down

6. Honestly, I’d wear these on a plane too

7. This guy’s a little too comfortable…

8. Were they having a Bachelor Party on an airplane?

9. Someone joined the Mile High Club

10. This guy didn’t

11. And they didn’t even bother using the bathroom

12. Gotta look good for the taxi ride home

13. Does this guy understand what the belt’s for?

14. Can’t blame the airline for this lost luggage

15. Okay that’s just disgusting