Did AJJ just outdo OK Go with their dazzling new video?

In the age of YouTube, the peppy how-did-they-do-that music video continues to enjoy a niche carved out with billions of clicks. Enter AJJ (aka Andrew Jackson Jihad), who have really outdone themselves—and every band on planet earth that has ever attempted a video—with their incredible single-shot sequence. Feast your eyes on four guys marching in sync, another guy in a chicken suit, an irrate PA dragging a bag of balls and, of course, a carefully framed product placement.

“It was a real treat to work with the visionary Joe Stakun again,“ says AJJ lead singer Sean Bonette. (I should mention now that some doubt the sincerity of the "Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” video, and that whatever the truth may be Stakun is a real director, with Modest Mouse, Japanther and Pissed Jeans video credits under his belt.) “I guess he wrote the concept for this band called OK Go but they didn’t like it?” Of the video’s prominent depictions of a certain tech-friendly nutrition drink, he says, “Shout out to Soylent for making this dream come true and all the balanced nutrition on set!”

After the music there’s a couple minutes of bonus footage, and do we learn a lot. Apparently the video has “a lot of moving parts” and it took six months of planning to come together. The song will appear on AJJ’s new album, The Bible 2, out August 19 on SideOneDummy Records.

“Not a lot of people know this, but it actually took longer to make this video than the whole album,” Bonnette says.