When some politician or pundit decries the death of American ingenuity, just remind them of Darrius Williams. Crimestoppers of Central Alabama, has alleged in a recent release, that the 22-year-old Williams has been dressing like a beer delivery driver so he can walk into grocery stores, load up a cart and walk right out the front with it.

In the video above, you can see a clip of Williams wheeling 25 cases of Bud out the front door of an unnamed grocery store in a suburb of Montgomery, Ala. And this, allegedly, isn’t the only time he’s done it. According to Crimestoppers, the beer bandit has struck three other times, including a town 100 miles from Montgomery. The audacity.

Listen, in my younger days, I worked at a supermarket stocking shelves. We regularly had beer delivery drivers coming in and out of the store. Sometimes they’d even help load up displays on the floor, so seeing a driver with a cart in the aisle would be no big deal. But where alarm bells would be absolutely ringing is if the driver entered and exited through the FRONT of the store and not the back. So, it’s kind of weird employees weren’t hip to the game immediately. Then again, I hated that job so much that I probably wouldn’t have cared to watch a genius thief rob the place blind.

[h/t Montgomery Advertiser]

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy and host of the show Let’s Get Fat. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.