Look: It’s far, far too early to start thinking about the holidays, because it’s only September 22 and today I almost died of a heat stroke while mowing my lawn. Alas, December will be here before we know it (unless the world ends on Saturday, as some numerologists are predicting), and with it comes the start of novelty advent calendar season.

In years past, I’ve seen calendars that offer bacon, beard oil, coffee and Legos in place of chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas. But this year, Aldi (of all places) earns top honors for its boozy countdown calendar. The discount grocery chain’s Wine Advent Calendar features two dozen 200-milliliter bottles of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

“There’s no better advent calendar out there,” Aldi’s site says, and hey, it’s hard to disagree. While we don’t know specifics yet, The Sun in the U.K. reports that you can primarily expect French brands like JP Chenet and Calvet, save for Spanish and Italian sparkling vinos.

As far as we can tell, Aldi’s wine advent calendar will only be sold in the U.K., so start making the proper arrangements now. If you know any British dudes, offer to trade them a box of American delicacies they can’t find in their own country, like, I don’t know, corndogs and deep-fried Oreos.

The package retails for £49.99 (around $67)—not bad for more than six bottles of decent wine. (And you have every reason to trust Aldi, they of the award-winning $8 rosé.)