Hugo Boss is well known for its suits. They are prized for their fit, fabric, and details and look sharp in the boardroom, on the red carpet, or in a wedding. But it turns out they also handle pretty good when you kitesurf behind a sailboat.

That’s what around-the-world sailor Alex Thomson did for his latest video, Skywalk. Traveling to Portugal, Thomson kitesurfed behind his IMOCA open 60 racing yacht while dressed in a sharp black suit and crisp white shirt. When he got close enough, he attached himself to a rope that was affixed to the top of the boat’s mast and then used the kite to fly 280 feet above the water. He then released the rope and descended safely back down.

Thomson is kind of like the Ken Block of sailing. In 2010, he performed his first big stunt. Dubbed Keelwalk, he hopped off a jetski onto the keel of a moving sailboat. That video has been viewed more than 2.6 million times. He followed that with Mast Walk in 2012, in which he walked up the length of his 30-meter tall mast while the boat was heeled over and then dove off into the water. That video has over 2 million views.

The latest stunt comes ahead of Thomson competing in the Vendee Globe in November. The non-stop, solo, unassisted race takes approximately 80 days to complete. If racers touch land or receive any assistance, they are disqualified. Thomson finished third the last time the race was held in 2013 and hopes to become the first British yachtsman to win it this year.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.