In the Faroe Islands, halfway between Norway and Iceland, a group of fishermen caught something that seemed a little otherworldly. Their catch included this large black blob with teeth. When they went to hold it up, the fishermen also realized it stretched out, giving it a crazier alien look.

At first the fishermen weren’t sure what the it was; however, this odd creature is believed to be an Idiacanthus atlanticus, or a Black Dragonfish, a species of bioluminescent dragonfish that lives around 6,600 ft underwater.

Since the black dragonfish lives so far below the surface-level, it had to undergo a large pressure change and probably experienced a significant amount of damage similar to other deep-sea fish that are brought to the surface. This is probably why only the head was caught instead of entire fish.

Either way, we wouldn’t want to run into this creepy fish above or under water.