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Alison Brie’s Getting Married, So Let’s Celebrate the Best GIFs From When She Was Single

Oh my goodness, look: it’s everyone’s favorite TV starlet, Alison Brie. Just hearing her name makes you feel all kinds of ways.

As it well should! In addition to a laundry list of pitch-perfect performances in all kinds of amazing roles, Alison has dazzled audiences with a vibrant wit and sterling personality.

She thrilled us the woman that kept Pete Campbell’s balls in a vice on Mad Men,

Only to further steal our hearts as Annie Edison on Community.

The kind of sitcom where they really knew how to show off Alison’s… assets.

She always seems to know exactly what to say, and isn’t ever afraid to speak her mind.

And if we’re being totally honest, it’s impossible not to admire her boundless sex appeal.

This morning, news broke that this American icon has gotten engaged, and is off the market. This caused many of us to react as such:

Which is crazy, because come on, guys. Alison isn’t dying, she’s just getting married! That’s great news, because it means she’ll be happier and working hard to remain one of the world’s favorite actresses.

Let’s all celebrate together, and enjoy the fact that we’ll be seeing all sorts of quality GIFs from Alison like these in the years to come!

Alison Brie forever!

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