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Meet Miss October 2016 Allie Silva:
Miss October 2016

Meet Miss October 2016 Allie Silva

“I like to think my sunny disposition is the first thing people notice about me,” says Miss October Allie Silva, “but it’s probably in the running for second. The first, of course, is my hair—it’s its own entity.” The genetics responsible for those curly locks come from Allie’s Norwegian and African American heritage, which has become the subject of a few too many awkward icebreakers. “ ‘What are you?’ is the question I’m asked most often. I’ll act confused, as if I’m being asked if I’m an alien. I like to respond, ‘I’m a human. What about you?’ I prefer ‘What’s your ethnicity?’ ”

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To that, Allie will speak proudly about growing up in a mixed-race household in bucolic Connecticut with parents who revered education and encouraged her to finish college before pursuing modeling. “I had a balanced upbringing with parents who have a love and respect for each other that many people never find. I’m incredibly fortunate to witness such love, and it’s a perfect example of how absurd hatred and racism are, especially in these crazy and heartbreaking times,” she says. “I believe good is out there.”

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Despite what my Instagram may look like, I’m actually a quiet and somewhat introverted person.

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