Courtesy of [H. Zell/Wikipedia](

Courtesy of H. Zell/Wikipedia.

A 22-year-old suspected burglar was killed by a vigilante alligator while trying to hide from the police, the NY Daily News is reporting. OK, maybe the alligator wasn’t a vigilante and was simply hungry. But either way, as the following video explains, there’s one less suspected burglar in the world.

Authorities claim Matthew Riggins and an accomplice fled from police in the early morning hours of November 13th while allegedly robbing homes in the Barefoot Bay neighborhood of Brevard County. Yes, that’s in Florida. Did I really have to say it?

Riggins’ family later reported him missing after he failed to return home. Ten days later, his mutilated remains were pulled from a nearby lake. While retrieving the body, police were attacked by a highly-aggressive 11-foot alligator. The animal was euthanized, and Riggins’ hand and foot were found inside its stomach.

“He hid in the wrong place,” Laura Farris, a Barefoot Bay resident, told a local news outlet.

And that place was Florida.

(Source: The NY Daily News)

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