There is so much nonsense out there these days. Have you seen what sort of garbage is on television lately? With the influx of reality shows, game shows, and singing competitions, its hard to find some good, old-fashioned quality programming. Still, there are rays of light shining through all the darkness.

Let me introduce you to Allison Bishop. She’s an Olympic weightlifter from New York City who has one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts in existence. Why is it so entertaining? For starters, her feats as an athlete are insanely impressive and will leave your jaw scraping across the floor. What makes it even better is the fact that she’s absolutely gorgeous and chooses to wear some of the tiniest little workout outfits in production.

There’s just something mesmerizing about watching these videos. If this were a TV show, I’d make sure to TiVo it every week!

Morning Flow. My neighbors must think I’m nuts.

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