A game publisher called Konami pulled the most effective marketing stunt in recent memory when it released a “Playable Tease” (dubbed PT) for its new game, Silent Hills—then borked it up irreparably by canceling the game and removing PT from digital shelves. That dick move left a vacuum that Allison Road might fill with slow-walking, photorealistic scares.

Developer Lilith Ltd. put together 13 minutes of prototype gameplay for the in-development game in the video above, showing off what players can expect: small bits of information gleaned from garbage scattered around a dirty house, spooky sounds all around you, and, finally, some kind of shrieking demon murder victim to claw your eyes out. Looks great.

For a project that sports only six people, Allison Road is looking pretty damn impressive. If this footage teaches us anything, it should be that when a game gives you the option to equip a meat cleaver, you should definitely do so.