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Exit Clear

Alyssa Miller’s Jean Shorts Should Probably be Called Jean Underwear

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but whoever did deserves a round of applause. Whoever decided to take Alyssa Miller’s normal, regular jean shorts and turn them into bikini bottoms deserves a Nobel Prize. I don’t know if it was the photographer, a stylist, a creative director, or Alyssa herself… but whoever it was, give them a million dollars ASAP.

Alyssa Miller 1

Elle Spain

Alyssa Miller 2

Elle Spain

Alyssa Miller 3

Elle Spain

In a recent photoshoot for Elle Spain, the stunning Miller model sports the minimum amount of denim possible for it to still be considered wearing clothes. She can also been seen wearing regular jean shorts, a jean jacket, and lots of nothing as well. The only questions left to ask is: How do I get a copy of Elle Spain?

Alyssa Miller 4

Elle Spain

Alyssa Miller 5

Elle Spain

Alyssa Miller 7

Elle Spain

Check out the rest of the pics here.

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