Amanda Cerny worked hard to pay her way through college, considers herself a thrill seeker, is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and prefers skydiving to bungee jumping. We caught up with Miss October 2011 on Wednesday for this week’s Facetime interview. Be sure to check out Amanda’s Playboy pictorial.

Ranch Mubay: Were you always focused and goal-oriented or was there a time when you weren’t so confident?Amanda: I was always pretty focused and goal-oriented, I guess. I got my first job when I was 14 at Golf World and right after that I became a waitress, which I did throughout high school while juggling cross country and track. So I always had a goal set in mind, which was to get money to go to college. I saved up $15,000 for college and bought my own car. I always come up with a new goal and try my best to get to it.

Claude Paquette: What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?Amanda: I would probably spend time with my family and close friends, just hang out.

Kevin Bohn: What type of music do you like and do you like to dance?Amanda: I love all music except for the scream-o stuff, where they’re just yelling. And I do love to dance. I think it’s fun.

Burl Daniel Tabor: Where you do see yourself in 10 years?Amanda: I don’t know. I see myself with a bunch of stamps on my passport that I could show off to people, and still working hard, maybe still over in LA.

Robert Cook: What do you like to do for fun?Amanda: I like to try new things. Just to do something new and different is always exciting for me. Like today, I just booked a trip to Cancun so I can go scuba diving. So anything new and exciting.

Junior Yazie: Are you a football fan?Amanda: Yeah, I enjoy watching football. I’m not a huge football fanatic but when I watch games I get pretty into it. My favorite team is the Steelers.

Matt Sanderson: As a thrill junkie what is the biggest adrenaline rush you have had?Amanda: I would have to say skydiving, definitely. I’ve done other things – zip lining – but skydiving takes the cake so far.

Richard Lawson: How do you plan to top your biggest thrill?Amanda: I don’t know. I’m kind of living in the moment. We’ll see whatever comes up and if it can top it or not.

David Lee Prodrick: Skydiving or bungee jumping?Amanda: Skydiving. I’m more afraid to do bungee jumping than I was to do skydiving just because the ground is right there. It freaks me out more. Skydiving is more of a floating feeling and it’s peaceful.

Bryan Curran: If you could have lunch with anyone living or dead who would it be and why?Amanda: Probably Michael Jackson, just because I remember watching all of his Thriller videos when I was younger. He was such a great entertainer. I think it’d be awesome to be able to talk to him.

Rosalie Angel Simon: How did you get into Playboy?Amanda: I submitted my pictures in August of last year. First I submitted my bikini photos then they said they had to be nude so I sent in some self-timer pictures that I took.

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