With less than two minutes to go in the 4th quarter Jermaine Kearse made an unbelievable catch that put the Seahawks in scoring position and pointed all signs to another Seattle championship. Obviously the next play is a run with Marshawn Lynch for the victory, right?

Not if you’re Pete Carroll.

Seattle decided to throw the ball on a shortened field instead of using one of the most powerful backs in the league. Here were the unfortunate results:

Get used to seeing that play because you’re going to be seeing it over and over for years to come. If you’re Russell Wilson, that one is going to play on a loop in your mind for quite a while. It’s hard to understand why you’d throw it in such a obvious run situation, but if it had been completed we would be calling Pete Carroll a gutsy genius. Instead he gets to watch Bill Belichick and his quarter-sleeved sweatshirts hoist another trophy.