Amazon Prime is great because I can theoretically live somewhat of a functioning life without ever having to leave my house, thanks to the option to order whatever I want and have it arrive at my door within two business days. There was one flaw in this otherwise perfect system, but now they’ve fixed it in some parts of the country: Amazon delivers beer now. We are getting closer and closer to turning into the fat, floating chair-bound humans in WALL-E, and I love it.

A recent article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch reveals that Amazon Prime users in the Richmond, Virginia region can order beer and wine and have it delivered. Amazon promises hundreds of alcohol-related products in its inventory, including wines like Chandon and Barefoot and beers like Bud Light and Stone. If you live in the area, you can expect your brews to show up in two hours with a Prime account, or one hour with a Prime Now account (for a $7.99 fee). Two hours is kind of long, but if you really don’t feel like leaving the house, it’s pretty convenient.

Turns out Ohioans can get in on the action, too. The e-commerce giant announced last month that Prime members in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas can also get instant brews.

Jealous? Enter your ZIP code in the Prime Now app or on to see if the service is available in your area, or request—nay, DEMAND—to be notified when it hits your town. Godspeed.