Brazilian model Ana Lucia Barbosa stands at 6-feet, 8-inches and weighs in at 200 pounds.

That’s…much larger than your average woman.

And that turns some dudes on.

Barbosa—who goes by “Amazon Cinthia”—makes some serious bank from men who want to be manhandled and squashed by her, according to Barcroft TV. One time, she broke a guy’s ribs when she sat on him.

She makes as much as $300 an hour for her services, and business is booming.

“There’s no shortage of willing clients happy to pay me to sit on them, wrestle them, pick them up and generally boss them around,” Barbosa says. “I’m finding this line of work has changed my life—and I’m now able to provide for my family.”

Barbosa found her niche after a random meeting with a stranger at a bar introduced her to the concept of “Amazon” modeling, which is when men and women are attracted to big, strong women.

She’s made as much as $10,000 for one day’s work, and gets to travel all over the world to sit on dudes. And she says she never does anything sexual with her clients.

“Some men want to be rought up and man-handled, others cuddled and smothered,” she says. “Some just want to give me their money.”