Three years ago, Amazon unveiled its intention to make deliveries using drones. Today the company is one step closer to making that mission a full reality. In Cambridge, England, a test delivery was made in just 13 minutes. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, tweeted about the successful delivery, alerting the world to the imminent robot/drone takeover.

Amazon also debuted a helpful video that breaks down how things work from the point of order all the way through the drone delivery. After receiving your order, the drones make their way down an automated track and take off. From there, the drones fly at an upper limit of 400 feet to deliver your package. If you are curious to see how this all works, check out the video below.

Currently, Amazon is only delivering with drones to two customers. No need to be too jealous of those lucky two just yet, since it is set to expand its delivery service to a wide network very soon. Amazon Prime Air’s future appears bright, as there are development centers in the U.S., UK, Austria and Israel.

via amazon

via amazon

As they continue to grow, Amazon will have to wrestle with bureaucratic organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration. If the drone proves to be unsafe prior to it being introduced to the masses, their usage could face considerable pushback.

So don’t expect drone air traffic just short of 400 meters above you any time soon. But don’t forget that this sort of innovation is coming; the only question is how fast will it arrive.