Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, now has 10,000 “skills” or things it can do. Less than two years old, Alexa is growing up fast. She can already be found in the Echo, Dot, Tap, and now tons of third-party devices like robots, cars, stereos and even refrigerators.

As for what the 10,000th Alexa skill is, it’s “Beat the Intro,” a “name that tune” game.

Why is she so popular? Because it’s easier to just say what you want than grab a remote and figure out what you want. So it’s significant and important that Amazon continue to rapidly expand the number of things Alexa can do to keep it relevant both with consumers and with developers.

Consider this: when was the last time you went to Siri on your iPhone to ask her to do something? At least for me, I don’t do it that often, because there isn’t a ton she can. Meanwhile, I watch my Android friends ask Google to do amazing things and I get a bit green with envy.

To understand how quickly Amazon is developing Alexa’s abilities, Wired reports that last June, Alexa had just 1,000 skills. In January, that skill set was counted at 7,000.

They’re even making it easy for users to learn back from Alexa as to what she is now able to do.

“We’re working on ways with your voice to better navigate the skills that are there,” Steve Rabuchin, head of Alexa voice services and skills at Amazon told Wired. “You’re able to ask Alexa what the top skills of the week are, what the new skills are, a whole bunch of categories just by voice.”

The new skills are sorted by two categories: fun and marketing. In short, they’re developing Alexa’s skills both for straight-up user friendliness and things you’d want her to do to make life more fun, and at the same time Amazon is keeping an eye on developing skills that make the platform attractive for business partners and sponsors.