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Find Out Which Celebrity Has the Most Beautiful Face, According to Science

You’ve obviously heard of the ‘Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi’, right? What?! You haven’t heard of the 'Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi’??? Have you been living under a rock or something? The ancient Greeks developed this formula to rate someone’s attractiveness. It’s basically our current-day “one to ten” rating system but WAY more intricate. It’s science, basically.

Well, according to science, actress Amber Heard has the best face on the planet, scoring a whopping 91.85 percent (whatever that means).

Amber Heard


The computer mapping technology used to calculate the formula found some rather interesting data. For starters, they found that Kim Kardashian had perfect eyebrows, Scarlett Johansson had the best eyes, Rihanna’s face shape was ideal, Emily Ratajkowski’s lips were tops, and Kate Moss’ forehead was the perfect forehead.

The rankings had Kim Kardashian second, Kate Moss third, Emily Ratajkowski fourth, and Kendall Jenner came in fifth.

Kim Kardashian


Kate Moss


Emily Ratajkowski


Kendall Jenner


They then mashed together a bunch of faces to create the perfect face. What do you think of this computer-formulated dream girl?

Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi


You can read more about the study here.

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