Amber Rose began her career as a stripper, but she quickly ditched that life after she began a relationship with Kanye West. And while she’s no longer with Yeezy, she’s still retained her fame. She’s led marches against sexual harrassment, she’s written a book and she’s continued being a fixture in the hip-hop world. But that doesn’t mean she’s left the stripper world completely.

Amber recently was spotted heading to a “gentleman’s club” in Los Angeles. While she was there, she got invited on-stage and some of the strippers were getting very “handsy” with her. TMZ got video of the whole thing:

They also have video of Amber going into the club, which is worth watching because she looks pretty hot:

And now we also have a reason to post some other pics of Amber as well:

Daddy 😍 @welvendagreat

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Mawnin 🌹

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That’s a woman with real curves, unlike some other of Kanye’s romantic interests…

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