The bathroom mirror selfie has become an artform in itself. You don’t just stand there and take a picture of yourself, you need the right pose, the right angle, the right lighting, and you need to know exactly how to contort your wrist so that you can actually press the button and take the perfect pic without it all looking like a blur. You also need a decent-looking bathroom, because you know for a fact that everyone looking at it will analyze every corner of that space. Amber Rose has certainly perfected this artform.

Morning 🌹

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Netflix & Chill with @blacchyna???? Yes please! 😍

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A couple things stand out about these photos (pun intended). The first, is the obvious things that stand out. Is it just me, like a fine wine, does Amber Rose keep getting better with age. The second thing that pops out at me, is her phone case. That thing is awesome. After a bit of Googling (really, the word “researching” should just be replaced at this point), I found that it’s actually a product of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino brand. That makes a lot of sense, since he and Amber are tight. All in all, there’s a lot of cool stuff to look at in these photos.

Oh, and also Blac Chyna is there and she’s topless.

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