Paper magazine is gaining quite a reputation for their sexy photo shoots. First, it was Kim Kardashian baring all and breaking the Internet that really put them on the mainstream map. Since then, they’ve tied up Paris Hilton, and painted a weird, naked Miley Cyrus, just to name a few of their more controversial spreads.

In their newest edition, Paper decided they wanted to pay tribute to some of the most iconic celebrity feminist moments of the past. And who did they choose to represent feminism? None other than Muva herself, Amber Rose. While they certainly took some liberties in “re-creating” these important moments, the shoot itself looks cool as heck. Amber dresses up in different costumes and different wigs, but the one consistent theme is she always looks damn good. Check her out dressed up like Rosie the Riveter or see her in a bathing suit wearing a ski mask and grabbing her butt.

You can see the rest over at Paper.

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