In a year of stunning sports updates, one of the greatest ones happened yesterday in Coney Island as Matt “Megatoad” Stonie defeated aging eating champion Joey “Jaws” Chestnut in Nathan’s Famous Annual Hot-Dog Eating Contest.

With the eyes of a nation upon them thanks to ESPN broadcasting the event like it was a Super Bowl, Stonie ripped away the chance for Chestnut to win his 9th consecutive victory by eating 62 dogs to Joey’s 60. Elated (and probably horribly bloated) after his win, Stonie spoke to ESPN about how it feels to take Chestnut’s crown.

“We don’t just go up there and eat hot dogs. We practice for this. We prepare our bodies,” Stonie said. “It was a tough contest. Joey brings it all. I had to push really hard to beat him. But I feel great.”

With Joey Chestnut being one of Major League Eating’s biggest stars, his losing the title was certainly surprising, though not entirely unexpected as Stonie has been nipping at his heels all year with wins in gyro, birthday cake, twinkies, and poutine eating contests. The Megatoad is a monster eater that we’ll definitely be hearing about for years to come, and here he is eating a 10,000 calorie breakfast like a boss.

While Stonie certainly looks to be a dynasty in the making, no one is counting Chestnut out just yet. With any luck, these two will push each other to be America’s best weiner swallowers for years to come.

Chestnut, smiling in defeat, said he was slow and couldn’t catch Stonie.

“I’ve been looking for competition for a long time and I finally have it,” he said, vowing to return next year. “He made me hungry.”