American Horror Story, the hit FX series that has previously featured sadistic clowns, cannibals, serial killers, witches and blood-thirsty carnival acts, has decided to head in a very different direction for its seventh season, which begins filming in June. This newfangled and unexpected approach is far more real from previous AHS fare, which has primarily dealt in supernatural fiction. So, what was is it that’s so terrifying to creator Ryan Murphy that the event completely altered how he’s chosen to continue the AHS franchise? That would be the 2016 election.

This news became public knowledge last night on Watch What Happens Live, when host Andy Cohen asked Murphy if there was any new news regarding the popular series. Before Murphy divulges that there is no official title, he reveals to a visibly excited Cohen that the series is “going to be about the election that we just went through.”

When asked if the series will feature Donald Trump, Murphy coyly responds, “Um, maybe!” Avid fans are already predicting that Murphy’s interpretation of the election will be told in a more abstract manner as opposed to a straightforward approach, like how “Roanoke” wasn’t so much about the lost colony as it was the basis for a mockumentary that took liberties and explored terrifying possibilities. “I think that will be interesting for a lot of people,” Murphy adds.

Sarah Paulson (who would make a great Hillary Clinton, if you ask me) and Evan Peters are the only confirmed cast members for the season so far. But could you just imagine Lady Gaga as Kellyanne Conway with a penchant for witchcraft? Yes. Please.

Here is the video.